Hektor, a professional real estate software that will save you time

The real estate market is only expanding. Every day, many real estate transactions are carried out. To improve the flow of transactions, various digital tools such as software are designed. Discover in this article the specifics of the Hektor software .

Overview of the Hektor software

Hektor is a real estate software created in 2009 by Immo with the aim of helping independent real estate agencies improve their performance . Indeed, the exercise of the profession of real estate agent usually requires availability, legal knowledge, perfect market control. But with the digital revolution, the practice of business is becoming increasingly demanding with new challenges such as digitization, competition with new sales models… It is therefore to help real estate professionals adapt to these new requirements that Hektor was designed.

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With its increasingly advanced features, Hektor’s professional real estate software today presents itself as the first real estate management software for independent agencies. It is suitable for different types of property management: seasonal rental, new house construction, rental of professional premises…

Software Utility and Functionality

Since its launch, Hektor has already conquered thousands of real estate professionals. And for good reason, its grip is easy for professionals and individuals alike. It allows to increase responsiveness and thus better satisfy the needs of customers. In addition, for Hektor users to master it perfectly, several courses are delivered remotely and limitlessly so that all Hektor users master it perfectly. In addition, the software works with tablets and mobile applications integrated into it.

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As for Hektor ‘s built-in features, they have truly evolved since its launch. We can distinguish the creation of legal documents written by specialist lawyers, the management of property and contracts, the certified electronic signature, the distribution of advertisements on real estate portals, the printing of window sheets, diaries, analysis and reporting tools, the reconciliation of the assets of potential buyers…, the software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the market.

Advantages of the Hektor software

In In addition to integrating highly advanced features, Hektor real estate software complies with various regulations and laws governing the real estate industry. These are the ALUR law, the GDPR, theHoguet law … Which allowed La Boîte Immo to join with large companies like Facebbok, FF2i, FNAIM, Figaro… In addition, to use Hektor, you do not need a prior installation on your computer or smartphone. This is a Full web solution. The included apps and tablets are available free of charge. They allow you to carry on business as a real estate agent wherever you are and at all times. Finally, Hector is GDPR certified.

Hektor is a real estate software dedicated to real estate agencies, agency networks, agent grouping. Conforms to the texts of the real estate sector, it offers ingenious features that facilitate the daily life of professionals.