H4 auto bulb: advantage, choice and replacement

When you find yourself behind the wheel of a car, your driving experience depends on small details such as lighting. As a driver, you need to pay special attention to the choice of bulbs. Today, H4 bulbs are presented as reliable products that you can rely on. If you want to improve the lighting of your vehicle, H4 LED bulbs would be perfect, but they are not your only options. Whether it’s xenon headlights, OLED lights or laser lights, they all have strengths to assert. How to choose?

The H4 bulb, a must-have for your driving

Lighting quality participates in good interaction between the different road users. It is important to ensure the right balance between your visual comfort, your safety and that of other users. In the category of H4 bulbs, you will find among others the H4 LED bulb available as a 4 LED kit, or the halogen bulbs OLED, laser or xenon bulbs. Whether they serve as high or dipped-beam headlamps, they provide good lighting overall, making them popular accessories for drivers. However, preferences naturally vary from one motorist to another. They are generally based on light bulb performance, durability and cost. If you are looking for good auto deals, check out the Gataka website.

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How to choose an H4 bulb for your vehicle?

Everything will depend on the type of lighting that has your favors. Halogen headlights have long proven themselves and continue to equip many cars. H4 bulbs halogen are recognized by their orange lighting. They provide lighting with a range of up to 150 m. If they remain so much appreciated, it is also for their very affordable price. In addition to halogen, H4 LED bulbs are among the most widely used bulbs. In addition to being trendy, they also seduce with a remarkable lighting quality. Characterized by low glare, they produce a powerful light beam that illuminates over a distance of about 300 m. H4 LED bulbs are undoubtedly the best value for money on the market. In the category of H4 bulbs, they enjoy a reputation for longevity that is not usurped. In most cases, they survive at least as long as the vehicle on which they are mounted. We will also put your finger on their low power consumption and quick ignition.

Much less widespread, xenon headlights provide lighting that resembles daylight. They thus put the driver in the best conditions to ride without fear of any eye fatigue. Innovations in the automotive sector have allowed the appearance of other types of H4 bulbs such as laser and OLED bulbs. Although only installed on a tiny part of vehicles, they lift the veil on a new generation of bulbs. They are marked by the production of a luminous flux of unprecedented power and by homogeneous and optimized lighting.

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What about replacing H4 bulbs?

It is not recommended to roll with faulty lighting. In order to prevent breakdown, it is better to have with you another set of H4 bulbs. Halogen bulbs remain functional between 3 and 5 years on average. It should be remembered that their service life is closely related to their frequency of use. Do not wait until they drop you completely before thinking about replacing them. Be attentive to the slightest change in intensity. If you feel the power of your lighting is flickering, proceed without delay to change the 2 bulbs. This also applies to other types of H4, LED, OLED, xenon or laser bulbs, even if they are much more durable. In order to save yourself any unpleasant surprises, take the time to check that the spare parts are suitable for your vehicle.