Go to work in the USA

Want to go to work in the USA? If the American dream is indeed real for many students and employees, formalities have to be filled in order to access this coveted territory and to an adequate work visa. Changing your life, work and country is priced: we tell you what to do if you want to go to work in the United States.

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  • to the United States for work
  • The conditions to be met for a work visa in the United States
  • You have found your job in the United States

Going to the United States for work

The USA is a bit of everyone’s dream. But even a dream is getting ready. Before considering any departure for the USA, it is necessary to anticipate. The search for work can be done before heading to the United States. Give yourself every chance to succeed by consulting specialized sites and intended for future expatriates seeking work.

Exercising a professional activity in the United States leaves you two choices:

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  • Find work on site in the United States and be tax-based in the United States
  • Relocate your engaged work in France and be only resident in the USA (not recommended).

You know, going to the USA for work is to prepare to show white paw in order to have the sesame that will allow you to exercise your activity legally. Some travelers prefer to be directly on site for their job search, for practical questions. Allow enough funds to hold several months without work, with your simple tourism visa in your pocket if allowed.

The conditions to be met for a working visa in the United States

Entering the USA for a job can be very bad perceived according to your country of origin. Know it! Your dream job or job awaits you, but conditions must be met at all costs:

  • You must have a valid passport to enter the territory;
  • It makes sense to have a document attesting to your creditworthiness (bank);
  • Any traveller coming from France by air arriving in the United States must have in his possession an ESTA : Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This document allows you to move freely in the USA without a visa. The ESTA form can be downloaded online on reliable websites related to expatriation;
  • A traveller coming from France and transiting through Canada to the United States by air must have an eTA : Electronic Travel Authorization).

A visa waiver program exists: through the Visa Waiver Program, the French do not need specificvisasto enter the United States. The above-mentioned certificates, ESTA and eTA, completely replace a conventional visa. You then have 90 days to find a stable job, do your job search, create the job of your dreams if needed… This 90-day period is often necessary and allows you to organize for a definitive move. ETA/ETA information on official application sites.

You have found your job in the United States

Have you looked at the job offers of companies and found a small job or a stable job? Your U.S. employer or the company that hired you has a duty to file an application with U.S. Immigration Services. This process will allow you to then make your request for work permit/work visa.

Working and living legally in the United States requires you to do these steps. There are therefore 3 types of work permits:

  • H1B work visa : 3 years, renewable 1 time. For graduates of higher education.
  • Work visa L (1) : Senior managers and managers. Mandatory one-year seniority in the parent company.
  • Immigrant Visa : Permanent resident status going with the Gree Card, subject to conditions.

Good job search for your departure in the USA!