Fun activities ideas for children

Games are essential for children. Playful activities are there to awaken the child and provide him with the necessary balance for his or her development. By offering fun and thematic activities to children, at home or at school, you also promote well-being, thanks to the stimulation and creation of dopamine, the famous hormone of happiness. Here we give you some ideas for children’s games.

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  • Why do activities and games with your children Games
  • around decoupage and collage Children’s
  • coloring activities Children’s
  • modelling games Games
  • around painting Games of
  • “crazy plastic”

  • Games The games of “crazy plastic”
  • The DIY activities with beads
  • Making games and activities for the holidays
  • Puzzles: games timeless
  • Games with felt
  • Activities around the mosaic
  • Cards, dominoes, memory…

Why do activities and games with your children

With your family and at home, it’s easy to ask for activities and games with your child! These activities make it possible to tighten links and spend a good time together . An activity can involve a person and the child or the whole family. At home, it is not always easy to find activities to do.

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We have seen it well during the confinement periods: sometimes the ideas for games no longer come. So, rather than putting children in front of video games all day, we offer you some games alternatives to vary.

Games around decoupage and collage

Children’s games do not necessarily have to be Highly elaborate. Take paper, scissors and go into your child’s world. Let yourself be guided by your intuition. Paper decoupage and gluing are perfect ideas to occupy our little pieces of cabbage.

Take a theme, sticks, tissue paper or crepe paper if you have one, and let’s go! Shapes, animals, landscapes… You recreate a world. If the holidays are approaching make a theme Christmas, Easter, or Kings Festivals…

Children’s coloring activities

Coloring is a world in its own right! Coloring ideas are many and develop a sense of precision, concentration. You can make coloring with your children with felt pens, colouring pencils, watercolor, greasy pencils, pastels, coloring books, stencils, posters, etc.

These fun activities are essential games but on the other hand, it is never said enough that boredom is so important for the child. At home or at school, there are no shortage of game ideas, but also take the time to let your children or child have time for him. Activating all the time is not necessarily the right message to give a child! Tip: Coloring boxes exist, specially designed for children and for each age.

Modeling games for children

Today, children’s playful activities are not limited to simple plasticine. There are also salt dough, plasticine sand, clay earth , or simply pasting and modeling cupcakes.

Let your children knead, shape, create characters and their little world around these textures and materials.

Games around painting

The activities Manuals for children also include all the games around painting. The ideas are abundant: follow a model, let go of creativity… Painting boxes exist and can give you good ideas to get started. Do these family games with the kids, it’s even more fun and enjoyable!

Painting can be done with a brush or with fingers. These activities stimulate children’s imagination. From 3 years old, with foam rollers, tampons, pallets and stencils , the child can draw contours, arrange colors. Playful activities of this kind develop self-esteem and neural circuits related to feelings and emotions. Opt for finger paint kits for even more fun with kids!

Games of “crazy plastic”

Here’s it, a funny game! Crazy plastic, also called crazy plastic, is ideal for a little older children. It makes it possible to create jewellery, figurines, accessories of all kinds… There is no shortage of ideas and boxes guide children on tracks of objects to create at home, quiet. This game is part of the activities that develop concentration .

Children learn to draw on plastic with felt pens and pencils, ink or paint. The crazy plastic then goes to the oven at 150 °C and a pattern can be put on a ribbon or put on earrings studs.

DIY activities with pearls

For children, pearls are very pleasant activities to carry out. Ideas range from jewellery creation to iron-on beads, to self-made beads in FIMO paste .

The child learns how to create an object from the beginning (conception) to the end, and to listen to his desires, tastes. Opt for a special children’s bead kit, (depending on your child’s age) to make sure they will be able to do activities up to their abilities, without frustration.

Making games and activities for the holidays

A classic: Birthday and Christmas activities, to do together for the happiness of the whole family. Concoct top activities with a few materials and objects. Get children’s makeup, balloons, garlands, fabrics to make fancy dress, masks, elastic bands, paint and cardboard to make colorful letters.

For an occasion like Christmas, do you miss ideas for fun activities? You can also make Christmas lanterns, fans… Enough to occupy the children in the preparation of party.

Puzzles: timeless games

For all children and almost all ages, you have the option of making puzzles. These games are great classics that can be done in family and at home , with the help of an adult.

Puzzle games are available in pieces to assemble, but also in puzzles to paint, in 3D puzzles, with very nice graphics. Once the child has finished his puzzle, nothing prevents you from framing or sticking it on a beautiful wooden board.

This type of activity allows children to appreciate depths, perspectives, volumes (3D).

Games with felt

Felt is a perfect material for creative ideas and games. Children can cut out small pieces of felt and make figurative or abstract paintings.

With glue, scissors and felt, let your child will go into his imagination and find himself his ideas for decoration and creation. In confinement at home, everything is not lost, and children always have enough to look after.

Activities around the mosaic

The mosaic is intended for older children. They learn meticulousness, precision, dexterity and control of gestures. With mosaic kits , your child assembles mosaic tesserae on their own or assisted by an adult on ready-to-glue supports. In one afternoon, children can give birth to ideas: vase, glass, bottle, trivet, tray, etc.

Card games, dominoes, memory…

Here are some activities that are a little less manual but stimulate intellect and liveliness of mind. Feel free to offer your children to play together: the “constraint” of games for parents Tired can become a real pleasant time spent together. Doing family activities by entering the child’s world allows to recognize the individuality of the child. It also makes it possible to forge memorable memories at any age.

The possibilities and ideas for children’s games and activities are countless. All you have to do is open up to one’s perspective and stay up to date on the latest activities to do with children. Children thrive mainly through fun activities that stimulate and promote their creativity.