From the creation of your logo to the desktop stamp: how to increase the visibility of your auto-enterprise ?

Starting your self-business is not easy, and it may be that the first times are hard. Also, making yourself known when you start your business is complicated. A company’s success is based on its visibility to the public and potential customers. That’s why we decided to help you create your brand image and promote it.

The main principles in order to increase its

visibility Building a business project means, first of all, having a solid foundation. Self-business allows you to be the only one who leads your boat, that’s right but it can sometimes scare. Before you start your communication using desktop pads, pens and other advertising items of all kinds, you will first have to think about your marketing strategy.

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Market research and advice: solid foundations

First, to be sure of your project, you will have to go through several steps that will allow you to approach your self-business in the best way. To do this, you will have to start by doing a market research, to understand and analyze the needs of your future customers. In addition, you will be able to seek advice from other professionals in the trade in order to build your project well. Once this will be done you will be able to move on to the creation of your brand image.

Creating a Branding: A Key Identity for Increase Visibility

Before you start your self-contractor business, you’ll have to create your brand image. Branding is a marketing term that refers to the public’s perceived representation of a brand or product. Building an attractive image is an important issue in a micro-enterprise. To carry out this creation, we will have to think about several aspects.

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  • First, you’ll have to create an attractive logo and name for your brand.
  • Afterwards, you will have to think about the values that your brand will inspire people, what fights you are going to fight or what positions you are going to give. All these values will aim to interest the public and retain them around your brand.

When these two steps are passed, you will have created your brand image, so you’ll be ready to assault new customers.

A well-integrated marketing strategy to increase visibility

Visibility in micro-enterprise has always been a problem for many, whether it is due to lack of time or lack of knowledge. To create a simple and working marketing strategy, it’s very simple: you’ll have to play on all fronts.

Digital Spearhead Communication

The most effective communication today is of course digital communication. Since the advent of the Internet and its use by billions of people a day, digital communication has taken a huge place in the marketing strategy of all companies. Whether you are a plumber, personal trainer, web editor or even pastry chef, you will be obliged to communicate over the internet.

First, you will have to create a website that lists your activity and explains it. This site will be a tool to make you known and thus increase your revenue. On the other hand, creating a lambda site is not enough (or more): to gain visibility, you must also stand out from the competition. To overcome this problem, your site will have to be beautiful, understandable and pleasant to look at. It is at this precise moment that your brand image (colors, logo, values, etc.) should be seen. Depending on your budget, you can hire a site creation professional to help you best with your project.

Once your site is created, you will be able to start promoting on all possible platforms. In addition, we advise you to be very active on social networks. Indeed, the major part of business communication goes through social networks.

Advertising items and real communication

Aside from virtual communication, real communication still exists and is well present. Moreover, it is sometimes forgotten for the benefit of digital marketing. To carry out a traditional marketing campaign, you will have to create flyers, think about advertising gifts to give to customers or leads, or think about advertising mail.

First, the distribution of flyers, brochures or maps will increase your visibility exponentially. The positive thing about this distribution is that it allows consumers to have physical support to better understand what you are selling and what you offer.

Thereafter, after a transaction, to thank your customers or employees, think about advertising items such as Branded pens, mugs, t-shirts, etc. Giving a gift will support your brand image and strengthen ties between your business and your customers.