Freelance : how to find a mission ?

To keep up with the pace of life nowadays, it is very important to be mobile. Of course, this also applies to work. Given the current trends in the way of life, self-employment is becoming so popular. It is important to always stay in touch, combine work, family, children and give time to yourself. So, where do you find this dream freelancer job?

We have prepared some tips to help you find the job that suits you.

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Find Freelance missions: check out Jooble — a job search engine

As a general site, Jooble broadcasts several freelance job offers. On Jooble, you will find all job offers in 1 click.It eliminates identical and no longer current offers. During your search, you can use the different filters to the left of your screen.

Save time now and find the job of your dreams with Jooble

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Specialized freelance job sites: platforms

While your ultimate goal is to attract customers, you may need to first be a little more proactive in your job search and find your first Freelance missions .

A good starting point is to register for self-employment sites, which usually allows you to “bid” on independent projects for which you will be paid through the site in question, once the client has approved the job.

Here are some of the freelance job sites you might want to try:


You can find my list of the best Freelance platforms here.

Freelance platforms are a great opportunity to find Freelance Direct Marketing missions: contact companies directly

Rather than copying and pasting the same email to many of them, try doing some research and tailoring each email to the agency you are contacting.

Find out the name of the person who could recruit freelancers and speak to their name. Include your CV and some examples of your work, and maybe consider launching a special offer (for example, low launch fees). Note who you contacted, when and what you proposed.

Of course, it’s not just agencies that recruit freelancers , so if you want to work for certain companies, why not see if they are interested in your services? Do not forget to tell them how much you admire them, flattery could take you everywhere.

Digitization is an almost mandatory step in a freelancer’s life to find missions Find Freelance missions on social networks

Social media is not just the use of your existing network of personal contacts; many companies use social media to recruit freelancers.

You can also use it to search for opportunities, as well as to advertise your services and network.

Find a Freelance Mission with Word of Mouth

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. You may be surprised by the number of potential customers coming out of the woods among your friends and friends of friends when you announce that you are available for self-employment.

Share your website on your own Facebook page with a personal message asking your friends to let you know if they know anyone who might be looking for a freelancer in your niche.

Set your post settings to “public” so they can share them and you can appear in your friends’ news feeds when they like your publication.

And do you have any other tricks for finding Freelance missions? Feel free to share them in the comments or ask all your questions 🙂! Word of mouth is a great opportunity to find Freelance missions