Everything about custom packaging

Many people do not know what custom packaging is, while this sector of the industry is pictured almost every day in our lives. Indeed, it is the industrial sector that is responsible for the production of containers of the products that are used on a daily basis. If you once imagined yourself bought cookie without the cans, or if you once thought about taking toothpastes without their tubes and it doesn’t make sense to you, then you know the importance of custom packaging in the world. Today, we propose to tell you everything about custom packaging.

Packaging in a way: definition

By definition, it is important to know that custom packaging, is a process that is part of the large family of industrial design . Second, the term “Border Conditioner” refers to the placing of a product with a container so that the product benefits from a better condition of storage , sale , use or consumption . Thus, several qualities characterize custom conditioning .

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Already, the first quality of a container lies in its preservation system , in line with the product it contains. Then, the material used to manufacture the container will have to meet specific standards , so that it can withstand the nature of the product to be preserved . For for example, canned milks are packaged in a carton . However, this is a cardboard specially covered with waterproof materials .

Border packaging: a powerful marketing ally

Considered as a marketing medium, custom packagingis the primary responsibility for the imageof a product. If in a store you have the opportunity to determine the difference between a soda and a liquid detergent, this is well above all thanks to the image of their containers. As a result, the container must be able to reflect the identity of the product in addition to the information necessary for its use .

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The custom packaging or packaging?

When we talk about custom packaging orpackaging , these are two appellations that have almost thesame procedures . However, they should not be confused. Indeed, custom packaging ensures much more the quality of the preservation of the container , as well as the quality of its image . Unlike packaging, which it, focuses much more on the logistical requirements of the product.

Conveniently, it can be said that the custom packagingdefines the direct containerof the product. One takes as an example, the toothpaste tube or the container of soda . Then comes the packaging which represents the secondary containerat that time. This container will allow logistical services to Maneuver all the products, in addition to storing them instorage premises .

The practical illustration of this definition would be the cardboard containing all toothpastes to stores , or their shipments abroad . Basically, it should be remembered that in most cases, these are batch products, which are contained inthe packaging .