E-commerce: Get started in the dropshipping of women’s lingerie

You have undoubtedly already heard of dropshipping and wrong. This practice, which consists in reselling products, is perfectly legal in France, but it is subject to many obligations: legal status, legal notices and of course clarity on the sales tunnel. But then why embark on sexy lingerie?

A boom in the online market

E-commerce is gradually shaking up our lifestyles. Nowadays, women’s lingerie represents 1.78 billion euros according to a recent IFOP survey. In all this part, e-commerce includes 13.7%. A figure that echoes the radical increase in the number Internet purchases in 2020:20% change compared to 2019.

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More Choices to Refill Clients

In this survey, out of a panel of thousands of women surveyed, 80% believe they are making compromises to buy lingerie. E-commerce sites like LOVE AND VIBES, the number one site for selling sexy lingerie in France, have already begun to review their proposals and their offers in order to make it easier to stick to requests.

Several of these women also claimed that it was a nightmare to find the right item combining comfort and beauty. They even argue that comfort is sometimes more important than beauty and that they prefer to expand their budget to feel better. In addition, 40% of them add that they always wear the same bra, because the model suits them.

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An eco-responsible industry

For long years, the textile industry has polluted soil and water around the world. Nowadays, the standards of the European Union are strict and no longer allow such actions.

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of the debates and it is the same for customers. According to the French Fashion Institute (IFM), 20% of consumers bought a responsible product. It is a need that radiates all sectors.

Sexy lingerie as a message vector

The struggle for gender equality is increasingly at the centre of current social debates and the rise of feminism radically changes the way many women and men consume.

Obviously, sexy lingerie represents a major axis of this change, because the speech has changed: lingerie is no longer worn to please but, for oneself, to enjoy oneself.