Discover one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful beaches

Arugam Bay, on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, is a popular destination where the main attraction is surfing. Following surfing, good swimming on the beach is also popular. The journey to the beach is 20 to 30 km away. That being said, the roads are terrible and tiring. But once you arrive at your destination, you’ll forget everything and you’ll finally have the opportunity to relax on an incredibly blue sea and a paradise beach throughout your stay in Sri Lanka.

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  • Arugam Bay, the capital of surfing culture in Sri Lanka
  • Reasons to choose Arugam Bay as a destination
  • Fishing boat activities on the beach

Arugam Bay, the capital of surfing culture in Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay East naturally evoked as the surfing capital of Sri Lanka. It is one of the villages in Ampara district that were devastated by the 2004 tsunami. Possessing a delightful beach with turquoise waters, the beach is occupied by many local surfers as well as foreigners. Here you will find beautiful spots for beginners and intermediate surfers. Confirmed surfers will also be delighted, only the waves exceed only one meter. You will have a wide range of courses and surf shops at your disposal.

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The ideal season for this activity runs from April to October. May to November is the peak season. For visitors looking for relaxation, the village has many restaurants and beachfront hotels that offer relaxation centers, group activities including organized excursions, boat trips and scuba diving. It is possible to swim, but you just need to pay attention to surfers.

Reasons to choose Arugam Bay as your destination

The charm of Arugam Bay is not limited to surfing. Enjoy these beauties of nature in a still untouched and preserved place for tourism. For a truly special experience, you will have to head to the Pottuvil Lagoon, 3km north of Arugam Bay. Guests staying in Sri Lanka are required to head to Pottuvil Lagoon, 3km north of Arugam Bay. This lagoon will offer you a truly special experience: nature excursion and mangrove stroll to observe buffalo, monkeys, crocodiles or birds. Go also to the base of to perform safaris, because in the area there are crocodiles, wild elephants.

For a full tour of the village, it is possible to rent a guide in tuk tuk. In the hinterland of Arugam Bay, you will notice that the place has a very mountainous setting. The landscape is mind-blowing, and very diverse. Along the way, you will meet many small fishing villages, stretches of grass everywhere, lagoons and lots of animals. You can cross the nature reserves of swampy lands on a boat, a breathtaking adventure! Similarly to eat, accommodation or guest houses offer simple Sri Lankan dishes: lentils, pasta, patties, grated coconut and curry potatoes, etc.

Fishing boat activities on the beach

During the low season (November to April), the place is quiet and many establishments close. Owners take advantage of the improvement of the premises and gardens to welcome tourists of Sri Lankan high season. But the advantage is that there are not many tourists. In this case, the period can be very pleasant to be able to enjoy the green landscapes, walk freely on the beach, go to chat with fishermen. One can also witness the daily routine of fishing boats: the throwing of nets, solidarity between fishermen to ride their boats on the beach.