Differentiate Jaguar, Leopard and Cheetah

The world of animals is a great mystery and you are confessed that between the leopard, the cheetah and the jaguar, it is very difficult to get there, especially since these animals do not exist naturally in France or even in Europe. If you are not accustomed to animals and cats from Africa, Asia or America, it’s hard to make the difference between each animal, at first glance . The update on the leopard (or panther), cheetah and jaguar in our article devoted to these rather fascinating species of large wild cats.

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  • Jaguar, cheetah and leopard: very different animals
  • The cheetah: characteristics and looks
  • The jaguar: characteristics and pace
  • The leopard: characteristics and
  • pitch

  • The tip to differentiate leopard/cheetah/jaguar

The jaguar, cheetah and leopard: very different animals

Apart from spelling, jaguar, leopard and cheetah are animals that look alike but are totally different. Because of their belonging to the species of felidae (the cats) and their way of life, these three animals are often confused.

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The cheetah, leopard and jaguar all live in similar areas in terms of climate. These three distinct species are found on various continents, where cheetah, jaguar and leopard are each endemic and protected species .

We help you to distinguish and quickly distinguish between cheetah, leopard and jaguar. These three species or animals are all part of the family of “big cats”, as Anglophones call them. Depending on their stains and corpulence, you will know nothing time differentiate them.

Cheetah: features and allure

The cheetah is a feline whose geographical distribution and playground are mainly found in Africa. In Latin, the cheetah is called Acinonyx jubatus . We’re talking about Cheetah in English. The cheetah is a large carnivore and even a formidable carnivore.

This big feline is an animal that is exceptionally trimmed for running because of its muscles and its pace. The cheetah is in fact very slender and has long thin legs .

In terms of stains, the cheetah has a coat stained with large black dots. Cheetahs have a rather thin face and reminiscent of that of a cat. The larms that the cheetah possesses below its eyes characterize it well: these are two large black traces that seem to flow from the eye.

The cheetah is by far the fastest of the three animals. In reality, it is even the fastest animal on Earth. In the middle of the race, the cheetah can reach 110 km/h . Just imagine a cheetah you cuckoo while you are at 110 km/h on the four-way (!).

The leopard can reach 60 km/h and the jaguar can reach 50 km/h.

The jaguar: features and allure

The geographic area of distribution of the jaguar has nothing to do with that of the cheetah or leopard, which helps to distinguish it well. Unlike cheetah and leopard, jaguar does not live in Africa .

The jaguar is also a kind of panther , like the leopard. Its name in Latin is Panthera onca. Jaguar lives exclusively in South and Central America. The leopard and the jaguar have many things in common, including to be big cats with similar size. The jaguar is generally larger than the leopard and looks more massive.

The jaguar also has rosettes on its coat, but unlike those of the leopard, these can be filled with black dots , something that is not possible in the leopard.

The leopard: features and allure

The leopard is part of the panther species! Yes, since the leopard is a panther, you will soon understand how to recognize it and how to make a difference with cheetah and jaguar. The leopard says to be Panthera pardus and is found not only in Africa but also in Southeast Asia.

The body of a leopard is muscular, long and has large, wide legs , unlike the cheetah. The leopard has relatively developed pectoral muscles, which allows it to climb easily to trees, where he spends most of his time outside hunting.

The leopard is a carnivorous, just like the cheetah, but does not hunt at all in the same way and can onlyreach 60 km/h , which is already a good gear ratio compared to other cats…

The leopard differs in its coat: the spots of the leopard are rosettes, that is, spots with a black contour. These spots are empty inside. The leopard is recognized thanks to its chest, tail, throat and inner side of its legs: these are entirely white . This has nothing to do with the peeling of the cheetah: the latter has its body completely covered with its black spots.

The tip to differentiate leopard/cheetah/jaguar

Leopard, cheetah and jaguar are not animals that look alike, when you look more closely. For novices like us, it’s hard to differentiate them and we have developed a mnemonic way to help you.

For a person living in Africa, South America or Southeast Asia, the difference is obvious because sometimes the word simply does not exist in the language. Here is a simple way to clearly differentiate cheetah, leopard and jaguar:

  • Jaguar does takeja but from “d” to the end.
  • Leopard is the only word containing an O , which reminds of its empty rosettes, without black dots.
  • The cheetah can make you think of “cheerful” and “share“, which can make you think of thelarms so characteristic before his eyes.

This is a great way to make the difference between these animals. You Don’t go wrong between these big carnivorous cats and know how to differentiate species if you see them shoulders in a menagerie or even a landscaped zoo. Also remember that only the cheetah is not part of the family of panthers.