Difference between Reindeer, Deer, Deer and Elan

Between moose, reindeer, deer, caribou, moose, suede and deer, certainly there are many common points, but there is also a major difference, even though these animals seem to belong to the same deer family. We explain everything you need to know about woods and deer, to finally make the difference between these forest animals.

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  • The deer family Deer
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  • Reindeer or caribou
  • Elk

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  • Deer deer
  • Suede
  • Tricks to make no longer mistakes between deer

The deer family

All the animals that we tend to confuse and that you are quoted here are part of the large deer family. Some are more or less imposing, most carry wood. The great common point between these deer — moose, deer, deer, suede, caribou and reindeer — is living in the woods, but at different latitudes around the globe.

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Deer are herbivorousanimals. These species generally live as a herd or troop. These are large ruminants and ungulates. This means that they have an even number of fingers (2 or 4) on each of their hooves. Cervids are recognizable by their wood, or horns , whether branched or not.

Deer are robust animals that have this rather singular feature: they have bone and deciduous organs on the head, which are called woods or horns. Horns or deer woods are often sought to make them hunting trophies . In Europe, there are mainly deer, deer, suede and deer.

The deer and the doe

Deer is one of the most famous deer. Deer and deer live in relatively temperate regions, far from the cold. This wild animal lives in the woods of Europe and Asia. It is a fairly imposing mammal, the largest wild mammals in France.

The deer has as female a doe, which is not to be confused with the deer by its small size. We will tell you further how to know how to distinguish between a deer and a deer. A young deer is a daget, and between 6 months and a year, he’s a hee, without wood. Before reaching the 6 months, the young deer is of course a fawn.

The term “ fawn ” applies to all newly born vulnerable deer.

Reindeer or caribou

Reindeer is also called caribou, depending on the region from which it comes from. Reindeer is usually found in cold areas, particularly in the woods of the Scandinavian countries. Reindeer and caribou are also found in the wild and natural state in North Asia .

It should be noted that caribou is the common name given to reindeer in North American woods, particularly in Canada. The female of caribou or reindeer is not given any particular names. Within the large family of deer wearing horns or woods, she is the only one to have large massive woods like the male .

Other deer are recognized by the presence of wood or not. Either the animal is a young, or it is a female if at first the cervid does not have wood on the top of the head.

The moose or moose

A moose is also a moose, depending on the region from which it originates. Thus, we talk about momentum in taiga type forests, in the midst of coniferous trees and very cold regions. Moose is the term used in North America , to refer to the same beast.

The female of moose or moose has no specific name and does not bear wood or horns on its head, unlike the moose male. The momentum is the largest of the animals of the deer family.

The deer

The deer does not live in coniferous but deciduous woods, with a few exceptions. The deer is found in Europe and Asia . Technically, the deer family male is called a brocade, and the female a chevrette. The big difference between a deer and a deer female (a deer) is the fact that the deer’s female does not have a tail, but a white and recognizable behind it.

These deer — the deer/brocade/chevrette — are the smallest compared to others animals of the deer family.


Finally, suede, however, lives rather in woods and meadows populated with deciduous trees and shrubs. Suede is found in Europe where it is largely endemic. The suede has small woods and above all, a clear coat, speckled and spotted with white . The female of suede is commonly called daine.

Tips for no longer being mistaken between deer

To remember who wears what wood, follow the guide and our few tips. You can already remember the phonetic resemblance between reindeer and queen : you will remember that the female of the reindeer also wears its crown, or its wood/horns.

To retain the deer and deer alliance, simply remember the word “Serbia ”: which gives you the name of the cervid and its female.

You already know a little more about deer of the world. The climates in which these large deer are found already say a lot about their nature. If you are in doubt, think about comparing the size of these animals with that of a human being, you may be surprised by their imposing side.