Deco : these cheap objects to no longer integrate into your home

Interior decoration knows some classics that it is always good to wear… and others that clearly begin to age badly. Over the years, you will have noticed that a certain set of accessories was almost invariably found in an interior that was attempted to modernize. These objects, gradually become uninteresting, today close to the vulgar, and are to be placed at the bottom of the boxes. Check out our list of these little tricks not to be throne at home anymore.

Messages/flags cushions

There was a time when message cushions represented the must of interior design. Placed a little everywhere in the living room or in the bedroom, they allowed to discreetly slip inspiring quotes, supposed to be in line with the philosophy of the house. Flag versions were also very popular when it came to bringing a loft spirit to an interior. These styles of cushions are less and less appreciated, because displays a cheap image that will not give real added value to a room.

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The lamp “lava”

Lava light fixtures are no longer to be presented, as they are among the most popular decorative elements since the 1960s. It can be said that this famous lamp will have gone far through the years. Despite its apparent popularity, the lava luminaire does not match with anything. Vintage decor does not suit him, and it is even less suitable for modern furnishings. The only real alternative is to place it in an apartment whose kitsch is found everywhere, and fully assumes itself. Again, the possibilities of combining are tiny, because the accessory will hardly find its place.

The big soft pouf

Also known as “fat-boy pouf”, this semblance of seat is an abomination at all levels. Sound aspect will tell you everything there is to know about it: big, soft, informless, this cushion can be categorized among the furniture that take up space for nothing. The fat-boy is a UFO that stains on a neat decoration, and turns out to be useless even on the least elaborate interiors. Also remember that this pouf has the chic to intensify back pain, and does not offer any kind of comfort to use.

Picturesque posters

Just like the posters who ended up disappearing from “in” decor suggestions, the picturesque posters experienced long hours of glory. Symbol of the cheap par excellence, they will highlight outdated reproductions, advertising a film, toy shop, circus or an old auditorium whose common mortals will have forgottenabout existence.