Cryogenic cleaning : efficient and adapted to constraining environments

Particularly popular in the industrial sector, cryogenic cleaning is a process that has proven its effectiveness. It is highly appreciated thanks to its virtues both in terms of ecological and the speed of execution of tasks. Indeed, it is carried out 2 to 4 times faster than the more conventional cleaning techniques.

Cryogenic cleaning: what is it?

Cryogenic cleaning is a process based on cryogenic techniques. These are already used in several sectors such as medicine, industry, food, etc. Now, this type of cleaning is common in several cleaning companies that see it as a very good way to offer a service that is both fast and efficient. Cryogenic cleaning uses both dry ice at the surface to sanitize. Non-abrasive, it can mostly be used in several places, even if it usually includes electrical elements.

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With cryogenic cleaning, we have the combination of 3 effects: the kinetic impact that weakens pollution, the thermal shock that retracts crack and dirt, or the sublimation to expel contaminants. It should be said that cryogenic cleaning removes many types of residues, including hydrocarbons, resin and paint.

Cryogenic cleaning: an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly process

Be it paints, hydrocarbons, resin, etc., cryogenic cleaning eliminates all types of residues while preserving the surfaces to be maintained, especially when it is known that it is not abrasive. Both clean and environmentally friendly, it is a technique that does not require detergent or chemical products. In addition, it takes place almost completely dry, since dry ice is dry and does not contain any moisture. About two to four times faster than traditional methods, this is a process that does not produce any secondary waste.

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Cryogenic cleaning is particularly suitable for industrial environments. It can be used in several hazardous or binding environments, including electrical or electronic elements. Today, efficiency and flexibility make cryogenic cleaning a perfect solution for many industrial sectors, especially in the agro-industrial sector. Printing and construction are also areas where cryogenic cleaning in Bordeaux is particularly appreciated. In recent years, several cleaning companies have suitable for this cleaning method.