Comment s’occuper pendant un confinement ?

Are you in confinement, too? What are the best things to do when you find yourself locked up at home waiting patiently for the decontainment and the end of the coronavirus crisis in France? If before the confinement you were running out of time, you no longer really have an excuse not to get involved… Don’t panic, we found you some activities to do alone or with family, and not the worst!

Article plan

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  • Storing and cleaning your interior
  • Sort your clothes, wardrobe and shoes
  • Occupation containment a little nicer: sort your photos
  • Put on or get back to the (good) kitchen
  • Sports, gym, yoga, dance…

Store and clean its interior

Occupation containment number 1, before any other, is going to be to make a small cocoon of itself. If the containment is gone to last, as much pass it in the best possible conditions. Storing and cleaning your home from bottom to top is an opportunity to rediscover its living space and make it a truly pleasant place to live.

No more excuse, take out the sweeper, the vacuum cleaner and the mops and get into it. An interior is often a reflection of what is happening “inside”. Thought you didn’t have time to take care of your apartment or home? In times of containment for coronavirus outbreak, occupation is paramount.

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Sort her clothes, wardrobe and shoes

Okay, okay, this containment occupation is not going to please everyone. But precisely: it’s the time to look at these old nippes that you have not been putting for 14 years but that you keep because… why? Come on, a little bit of humor despite the confinement of coronavirus, allow yourself to make yourself a special parade “old clothes” and film yourself to share your… joy.

Just ask yourself if after decontainment you will not want to be that new person, with new cravings, new colors , etc. Sorting: the old buckets will be used for work, the rest can be shiny and lovingly stored.

Occupancy containment a little nicer: sort his photos

Admit that it’s been 3 years since you promised your grandmother an album of the last little… Sort her photos is the least awful occupation of containment, we admit it. We fall back into his memories before the coronavirus, we laugh, we cry, we throw and we redo clean files… The goal is to make a calendar of coronavirus containment occupations . Spend half a day there and turn with other occupations.

Your photos can even be printed by services available on the Internet: make them photo books for your best family memories!

Put on or get back to the (good) kitchen

And since you are a little stuck in your apartment or in your home, alone or as a couple, it’s time to get back to the kitchen or get back to the kitchen. This occupation containment is pure pleasure. A containment can cause some to express stress due to the coronavirus : insomnia, increased food consumption… Make yourself good food and get out of your comfort zone to finally test things you’ve never done.

Sports, gym, yoga, dance…

IF you are not used to playing sports, lots of Youtube channels and Instagram accounts offer to take solidarity courses in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Alternative: dance , do cardio, run, treat yourself as well so that this occupation containment is not a calvary.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, make yourself a course with obstacles ! For children, this occupation is perfect to counter the coronavirus blues. Yes, you know, children need to let off ! So it’s gone: man, woman and children to sport, games and activities, to keep a healthy mind in a body.