Children: what is the rate for babysitting in 2020?

When you are a parent, it is sometimes necessary to keep your child or children and have recourse to baby sitting. Whether for an event or for an outing, you found your baby sitter but you don’t know the price? How much to pay for baby sitting in 2020? We tell you everything!

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  • Keeping your children by a babysitter
    • How often babysitting?
  • Baby sitter rates: depending on the nature of the baby sitting
    • The right rate for baby sitting?
    • Variability of babysitting rate
  • Finding the right babysitter

Keeping your children by a baby sitter

Yes, the time has come for you to take time for you as parents. Babysitting is common when you need to keep the kids to go out in the evening . It’s easy to find a baby sitter, because many ads have passed with demand.

Are you ready to entrust your children to a baby sitter? Sometimes you can decide to entrust your children to a trusted person you know. A friend or friend, a teenager who needs a littlepocket money , a neighbor, a friend’s daughter… the possibilities exist.

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How often baby sitting?

A baby sitter can be hired for exceptional occasions or on a regular basis. Depending on your needs and your ability to keep your children, the rates will not be the same.

Indeed, a package can be established if a regular childcare is required and the baby sitter must come at least once a week for a few hours in the family. Beyond a few hours a week, it will be more profitable for you toestablish a hourly contract for the baby sitter.

Baby sitter rates: depending on the nature of the baby sitting

Depending on the age of the children to be kept but also the number of children you need to babysitter, the baby sitting rate may not be the same. In general, parents find an arrangement between themselves and the baby sitter so that everyone can find themselves there.

If as parents you ask a baby sitter to pick up the children from school, to have them do activities, homework, meals, bathing, stories and bedtime, the baby sitting rate will be higher and it will really be necessary to conclude a hire and a real lasting salary . Serious recruitment implies a commitment on the part of parents and the baby sitter.

The fair price for babysitting?

Because that it can be difficult to find the “right person” to do the baby sitter once the children no longer go to the nanny, it is important that parents offer an attractive babysitting rate and just according to the number of children, the nature of the care, the time of babysitting, etc.

Night babysitting is supposed to be better paid than day babysitting. Keeping a child asleep is not necessarily a rest if he wakes up!

Today, in France and in 2020, it is considered that baby sitting can be offered at a minimum hourly rate of 10.15 euros (gross rate). This rate is obviously variable. In euros and net, this is equivalent to just over 8 euros per hour of childcare.

Variability of baby sitting rate

Depending on the region you are in but also demand and supply, baby sitting rates will probably have to be adjusted.

Depending on the needs of the child and the request of parents, sometimes the price of babysitting may vary. Some parents know that their child is very active and has needs that are sometimes unusual.

If the baby sitter plays in foreign languages, or if the child has certain disabilities, it may be important to offer a rate adapted to the reality of the child’s childcare work. Paying a baby sitter is synonymous with trust and exchange: offer rates seriously because the cost you put on it will reflect your expectations.

Find the right babysitter

In order to find the right babysitter and if you do not know people among neighbors or friends who can make themselves available, enter trusted networks. There are associations, word of mouth , and of course, a number of serious female students willing to do a service next to their studies, to make a little pocket money.

Making a baby-sitting announcement appear in university premises, bakeries, tobacco offices and of course the press are valuable helpers when looking for a baby sitter in the long term.

In the short term and for an occasional evening, give preference to word of mouth. Also trust the feeling of your children or your child with the baby sitter: it’s important for children!