Cheapest car in 2020

Want to buy a car but with a small budget? You don’t want a used car? What is the cheapest new car on the market in France and for 2020? We guide you step by step on the bargains you can do by changing cars this year.

Find a cheaper and efficient car

When you need to change cars, or simply resell your old car to prevent it from losing too much value, the question of brand choice will arise. Depending on your budget and the price you can put in a new car, you will not have the same choices. We found for you the top 3 cars ideal for small budgets .

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New, the cheapest cars are at relatively low prices, starting at 8,050 euros and up to 9,150 euros. Of course, the vehicle models that are offered are basic finishes and models without options. In 2020, it is still possible to afford a new car cheap for purchase, studying the car market well.

The Dacia Logan

This compact car well recognizable with its fairly straight line is available at low prices, for a large minimum of 8,050 euros . An opportunity to seize if you are absolutely looking for the cheapest car on the market and you are not very looking at aesthetics. You will find the cheapest Dacia Logan in 4-door finish, gasoline engine, for 75 hp.

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Simple, convenient, efficient and inexpensive , the Dacia Logan is at less than 10,000 euros, a price bar that many try not to exceed for their new car. The basic rate of the Dacia Logan has risen in recent years as a result of the enthusiasm for this simple car. An entry-level not to be missed.

The Dacia Sandero

It is again the Dacia brand that won the second cheapest car on the market. Finished with 5 doors and petrol, this very urban car is affordable, at a very small price of 8 190 euros minimum . More massive than the Dacia Logan, the Dacia Sandero stands out for its line, more refined and less steep than the Logan, often described for its aesthetic.

The Dacia Logan MCV

Did you say Dacia (Renault Group)? Decidly very competitive in terms of their price, the Dacia offers many models that will please both a family and a childless couple, or even a single person. The Dacia Logan MCV is a station wagon rather noticed by its line. In gasoline engine finish 75 hp and 5 doors, its price will be 9,150 euros minimum . Space, class, aesthetics and performance.

In summary, Dacia (from the Renault Group) is in the top 3 cheapest cars : to watch closely!

Good to know : car prices fluctuate and may fall depending on supply and demand. Think about spreading your car search over several months, in order to have a good visibility on the evolution of the cheapest car prices of the moment.

Find cheap car insurance

Money is indeed the nerve of war. If you are looking for a car that is not expensive, you may do the same for car insurance. You can of course go around all insurers, by looking at internet. However, this may be laborious. This says it is important to make several quotes, in order to be able to compare both guarantees and deductibles. We advise you to ask at least a quote from GMF, as there are many advantages. For example, GMF offers:

  • An offer for small wheelers (- from 5,000 km)
  • A bonus if you purchased a clean vehicle
  • Discounts, if you use public transport on a daily basis, instead of driving your car, to get to work for example.

In addition to this, you can find options that other insurers do not offer. This is especially the case, if you are carpooling with your vehicle. Today, more and more people are resorting to it. That’s why GMF offers the AutoPass contract, so that your car-riders are covered without having to add a penny. You can also inquire for Failure or vehicle replacement option.