Can a leak be fixed on a clearomizer?

Are you a fan of vape and you have a liquid leakage problem on your clearomizer? This type of problem can occur over time and prolonged use of an electronic cigarette and its clearomizer. Follow the guide to learn how to do when your clearomizer has a liquid leakage concern.

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  • E leaking cigarette: how to fix the leak?
  • Clearomizer breakdowns and leaks: what to do?
    • Possible causes of leaks on your clearomizer
      • Suction too strong
      • Worn resistance An
      • incompatible battery or liquid
      • The wrong filling of the cartridge The
      • absence of a seal
  • How to repair an electronic cigarette?

E leaky cigarette: how to fix the leak?

Smokers who want to embark on the withdrawal route are trying more and more more to get to the electronic cigarette. With the many models and the arrival of this brand new technology, advances have been made in technology. However, it is still possible to encounter small worries like leakage of liquid contained in the clearomizer of your electronic cigarette.

The liquid that leaks from the clearomizer is a bit the haunting of the vapoteur! This, and a battery discharged, uen resistance that cramps or forgetfulness of its favorite liquid recharge… The liquid contained in the clearomizer can quickly spread out and make oil task in your business. Bag, papers… Everything can quickly go through it, including the clearomizer himself!

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But can a liquid leak be fixed on a clearomizer ? Or is it absolutely necessary to throw away everything and make the purchase of a new kit e cig? Some rooms are repairable, or at least, it is possible to change them .

Clearomizer breakdowns and leaks: what to do?

It is not necessary to throw away all your electronic cigarette kit when facing a small breakdown or liquid leaks from the clearomizer. Sometimes changing a part or rescrewing the elements is enough to solve the problem.

Leaks are simply explained. There are minor problems with the clearomizer, due to the use of electronic cigarettes. And these problems, you are reassured, disappear in the long run because they usually concern beginners.

Possible causes of leaks on your clearomizer

Sucking too loud

For example, pulling and sucking too hard on an e cig will bring the product contained in the clearomizer back up. This one, which contains propylene glycol (PG), will then go back to the Central chimney, even into the drip tip. Horror! There are everywhere, the taste is unbearable, it flows and you don’t know what to do anymore.

Don’t panic : Beginners who aspire hard on their e cigarette tend to confuse smoking and vaping. Smoking requires to suck harder. On a vaper, no need to force: we suck quietly, steam arrives.

Worn Resistance

Another cause of leakage on clearomizer may be thepartial wear of the resistance. A leaky e cigarette can be a sign that resistance (if your e-cigarette contains only one) is at the end of life. Regardless of the ohm power of a resistor, it eventually wears out. If the resistance is worn, then the strands contained in the clearomizer no longer play their role at all . They let through liquid or mixture in the central chimney, which has the effect of creating a leak.

Did you know that? It is advisable to change the strength (or resistances) of your clearomizer after the 10th or 15th filling . This applies especially if you consume a large amount of eliquid per day. Consumption heats the battery, which itself heats the resistor wears out more or less quickly. It is possible to find resistor change kits for clearomizer.

Note : at the end of the 15th filling, it is normal for the sealing to ream a little. What you can do: disassemble your electronic cigarette, clean the various components of the e cig and mount a new and good resistance .

An incompatible battery or liquid

Namely : a battery of Electronic cigarette will wear out faster if it is actually incompatible. this concern can also create eliquid leaks. In addition, a liquid or a mixture may also be incompatible with your e cigarette. Make sure that the brand of the eliquid promotes an excellent adaptation to any kind of electronic cigarette or clearomizer.

The wrong filling of the cartridge

You may experience problems with clearomizer leaks if the cartridge is filled in the wrong way or if it is overfilled. Take the time to make the filling gently. Considering the price of liquid mixing refills, be careful not to overturn them elsewhere. Be sure to adhere to the dosage of the mixture in the tank or tank .

The absence of a joint

If you have lost a seal on your clearomizer, the latter may run away. Leaks on clearomizer are annoying because they mean that the clearomizer system is no longer airtight . A gasket can wear out naturally or by prolonged heating of the resistance via the battery. It is possible to replace a damaged or lost gasket.

If this is not possible, then you will have to buy an electronic cigarette or change your suppliers of clearomizers: Vaporesso, Melo, Nautilus, Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin, etc. E-cigarette brands are not lacking.

Our opinion :taking care of your clearomizer , resistance (or resistances), battery and your electronic cigarette is a whole. Be sure to make good use of the vape and not to overload the tank: your clearomizer leakage problems will disappear!

How to fix an electronic cigarette ?

When you have an electronic cigarette, you often face many breakdowns. So, can we fix a leak on an electronic cigarette? It is imperative to take care of your clearomizer, resistance and battery to prevent leaks. Also remember not to overload the tank of your electronic cigarette. To buy a quality electronic cigarette, you can go to the website of our partner, where you can find reliable and resistant material at a very attractive price.

It is appropriate to choose an electronic cigarette that is suitable for your consumption. Therefore, the following criteria must be taken into account: power, autonomy or capacity. There are special kits offered to beginners. These are very easy to use electronic cigarettes, equipped with a built-in battery. You can also find in our partner other more advanced kits that can allow you to vary the power of your e-cigarette or use advanced modes, such as temperature control for example. So you know who to turn to to be able to buy a reliable and resistant electronic cigarette and find quality eliquid so that you can take full advantage of vaping and gradually wean yourself from your consumption of detabac.