Calculation of the salary of a kindergarten assistant

Keeping your children through a mode of care involves administrative management of custody. If your choice is for a kindergarten assistant (Assmat), then you will have to calculate her salary each month. You are told more in our article about the contract and salary of the kindergarten assistant.

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  • Choosing a kindergarten assistant for childcare
  • The points to be remembered to correctly calculate the salary of an Assmat
    • Implement
      • monthly monthly in full year
      • Monthly incomplete year
  • Salary kindergarten assistant: allowances and increases
    • Maintenance allowances
    • Food allowances
    • Travel Expenses
    • Additional leave for the nursery assistant
  • What helps for your mode of care ?
  • The kindergarten assistant: a mode of care like another

Choosing a kindergarten assistant for childcare

Are you still wondering whether to choose a kindergarten assistant as a mode of care for your child or children? Choosing a kindergarten assistant means that you will have to perform the calculation of her salary together.

If, on the other hand, you choose to put your child in a nursery home (Mam), the salary slips may be drawn up by the Mam itself.

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If you choose another mode of childcare, home nanny type, the same will be true: the calculation of the salary is to be done by the employer, but with different calculations.

Good to know : if your kindergarten assistant is part of an association, she may be pulling out her payslips herself,which less repels employer parents .

On the other hand, in a nursery, invoices are released directly, which can be more convenient for parents who are allergic to papers!

Points to remember to correctly calculate the salary of an Assmat

Methods of calculating the salary of a kindergarten assistant may seem complicated, but rest assured, once you have all the elements, nothing is simpler.

Your kindergarten assistant’s salary is always calculated on the same basis. The first factor to consider is whether this calculation is done over a full year or whether the salary is recorded in an incomplete year . You will have this answer by asking your kindergarten assistant how she intends to work.

Set up monthly

Hiring a kindergarten assistant year-round with regular and daily guards involves setting up a monthly. The monthly payment is very convenient because it allows the kindergarten assistant to receive an almost identical salary every 4 to 5 weeks.

Monthly payment is important to set up on regular care, regardless of the number of hours worked (reception hours per week and reception weeks in the year).

Monthly in full year

The situation is as follows: your child is on a reception contract all year round, except for the 5 weeks of paid leave of the kindergarten assistant.

The salary will have to go through a monthly salary over 52 weeks, which are cut into 47 weeks of work and 5 weeks of paid leave . Thus, the 5 weeks of paid leave are included in the calculation of the salary monthly.

Monthly incomplete year

The incomplete monthly monthly system is suitable for any contract for childcare over 46 weeks or less with the kindergarten assistant.

The calculation of the salary is as follows :

Net hourly wage* number of hours of reception per week* number of weeks on call . The whole is then divided by 12, the number of months in the year.

Your kindergarten assistant’s leave is not included in this calculation over an incomplete year. For the calculation of paid leave, proceed as follows:

  • Add paid leave at once, in June;
  • Pay leave at the time they are taken;
  • Pay the leave as they are taken;
  • Pay leave by 1/12th monthly.

It ‘s up to you to see that employer is what suits you best, but also what is best for your kindergarten assistant.

Maternal assistant salary: allowances and increases

For your kindergarten assistant, in any calculation of wages, except monthly year-round and leave, it will also be necessary to account for allowances and increases.

Maintenance allowances

Maintenance allowances are part of the allowances paid by employers. These allowances are calculated on a daily basis. They take into account all costs related to the care of your child at the home of the kindergarten assistant: heating, water, electricity, new toys, etc.

How much are the maintenance allowances? Good question, which we do not have the answer because this amount is freely set by your kindergarten assistant.

The food allowances

These food allowances are valid only if the kindergarten assistant provides the meal to the child during custody. Its amount shall be determined by mutual agreement and freely by both parties, employer and employee. It can then be incorporated into taxable and counted income.

Travel Expenses

Not all of these fees are accounted for. Travel expenses relate to travel using the nursery assistant’s vehicle . This can be the ride to school, or the playgrounds, or the activities offered.

The allowance is calculated on the basis of the number of kilometres and shall not exceed the current year’s tax schedule.

Additional leave of the kindergarten assistant

Any kindergarten worker with children under 15 years of age is in right to take additional leave . It will then be necessary to integrate them into the calculation of salary and/or paid leave, depending on what suits you.

What aids for your mode of care?

Be aware that once you have calculated your kindergarten assistant’s salary, you don’t have to panic: helpers are possible.

Beforehand and before entrusting your child to a kindergarten assistant, it is wise to inquire with the CAF to find out if you can claim CMG, the free choice of childcare supplement .

The CMG is one of the parents who must have their child care in order to continue working. These grants are calculated on the basis of the income of the parents and are paid together with the other CAF aid at the beginning of the month.

The kindergarten assistant: a mode of care like a

other It should be noted that many parents have in mind the idea that hiring a kindergarten assistant will cost them very expensive. However, the CMG’s social assistance is substantially the same, depending on whether you choose a nursery or kindergarten assistant or MAM (home of nursery assistants).

So the choice is not based on the price, but rather on the feeling you have, between a nursery and a kindergarten assistant. Before deciding on the mode of custody, weigh the pros and cons . Calculating the salary of your kindergarten assistant should in no way be a hindrance to your decision.

Now that you have all the keys to do the calculation of your kindergarten assistant’s salary yourself, all you have to do is start.