Bougainvillea, bougainvillea: what maintenance?

The bougainvillea, also called bougainvillea, is especially known for its bright colors. Its vibrant fuchsia and delicate flowers are the joy of gardeners. But how to handle the maintenance of a bougainvillea so that the plant grows well all year round? In open ground or in pot, you are told how to take care of the bougainvillea in any season.

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  • Bougainvillea or bougainvillea?
  • Bougainvillea, a pampering plant
    • Where to place his bougainvillea in a pot?
  • Care of Bougainvillea
    • What fertilization for a bougainvillea?
    • Wintering and maintenance of your bougainvillea
  • Choosing your bougainvillea

Bougainvillea or bougainvillea?

Both, Captain! This exotic plant can be feminized or masculinized. She comes to us from South America and is part of the family of Nyctaginaceae. The bougainvillea is a climbing shrub with flowers recognizable between a thousand and evergreen foliage. It takes its name from one of the greatest explorers of the XXVIII century, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville .

Wherever you see a bougainvillea, you can think of the great expeditions of the sailors of the time, who returned with multitudes of specimens to be discovered in the Western world.

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Bougainvillea, a pampering plant

The bougainvillea, by its nature, is a rather chilly and gelling plant. So she doesn’t really like windy or cold areas. The bougainvillea loves the Mediterranean rim and the areas sheltered from the wind and sunny .

Tropics and exotic growing conditions promise high temperatures. If you want to pamper your Bugainvillea while not taking any risk, it is better to grow this plant in a pot or in a tray without hesitation.

The bougainvillea is not a plant that can stand to spend a winter outside. As soon as the cold comes, it easily loses its leaves. Frost can actually harm her and weaken her to the point of dying.

Where to place his bougainvillea in a pot?

A potted bougainvillea will please in a veranda, especially if it is facing south or southwest . Appreciating the sun, this plant will never get too much! The bougainvillea is happy on a balcony or on a terrace and can be taken out to the outdoor air from the redoux, in mid-May.

Be careful to wait for the passage of the Ice Saints, to avoid freezing. The bougainvillea may also be released later if you deem it necessary and depending on the region in which you are find it.

The flowering of the bougainvillea is completely conditioned by thesupply of brightness and warmth : do not skimp on the care given to this elegant climbing shrub.

Bougainvillea Maintenance

The bougainvillea is above all a robust liana that grows on long stems during the summer season, between April and September. Bougainvillea lianas can reach up to 3 meters in length for the most vigorous specimens.

On a trellising or on a high wall and exposed to the sun, the bougainvillea can grow quite and grow peacefully if the weather is favorable. Feel free to install an arch , obelisk or trellising suitable to support but also contain the climbing shrub.

With its numerous branches, the bougainvillea can grow rapidly. A trick to get flowers more abundant: pinch the branches of the liana in order to restore a more homogeneous shape to the shrub. The plant will be forced to adapt by branching, which promises more flowering .

What fertilization for a bougainvillea?

The bougainvillea is a plant that for its leaves and flowers, needs to be fed a fertilizer supply . Liquid fertilizers for flowering plants are very effective in this sense.

Dilute rain/watering water with liquid fertilizer and water in this way throughout the spring, summer and autumn period. You have a choice with other types of fertilizer, such as a slow release fertilizer . Crushed Horn Powder, Dried Blood, etc. These fertilizers are buried in the earth directly. Scratch the earth at the foot of your bougainvillea just before spring, it will restore vitality before its growth period.

Wintering and maintenance of your bougainvillea

Before wintering the plant and in order to make it understand that the rest phase is coming, reduce and spacing the watering . During wintering per se, do the same and only occasional intake.

The stems of the bougainvillea may go to pruning during the wintering of the plant. This will allow your bougainvillea to find a correct volume in your veranda, for example.

Choosing your bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is available in many kinds and varieties. The most well-known and widespread flowers of the bougainvillea are fuchsia varieties. Other varieties of bougainvillea have various colors:

  • pink magenta;
  • red
  • ; commercial hybrid varieties;

While colour is obviously the most important criterion to choose, other criteria of choice should be taken into account.

You can essentially make your choice of bougainvillea between Bougainvillea glabra and Bougainvillea Spectabilis . The latter is a variety of bougainvillea that is more vigorous than its cousin. In fact, it tolerates pot cultivation less well and would prefer to be in open ground, perched on a stone garden wall.

Bougainvillea glabra has large flowers either fuchsia or magenta pink, depending on the observed and created shades. Opting for a hybrid variety of bougainvillea. By being less vigorous and at the same time more abundant in flower production , these shrubs will require less care and care. Be careful, however, of the negative temperatures coming to the heart of winter. The quality of wintering will have to be at theheight.