Booster starter: how to boost your car battery?

Need to boost your car at startup and save money? There is a device called the starter booster, or battery booster: it can boost your vehicle’s battery and charge it yourself. We explain everything about this product that pleases car enthusiasts.

What is a Battery Booster/ Booster Booster?

The battery booster, also known as the starter booster, is a fairly revolutionary product. It can save money in the event of a battery failure and to be more autonomous. Indeed, thanks to the booster of Starting, you can avoid considerable costs when you are faced with a flat battery on your car. A battery booster is adaptable a priori on any vehicle.

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In addition, the starter booster allows you to quickly start your car if the battery is discharged. No need to wait for the tow truck, you take control of the situation. Never need to always buy a new battery, since you boost your battery flat with the boot booster. This operation allows you to leave again, you restart the engine without troubleshooting. An advantage, when you know the price of a troubleshooting or intervention on a failed vehicle.

Attention: the battery booster is a bit like a battery choke. It should not be confused with a battery charger , which allows also to charge a battery but slow charging. The battery booster delivers a lot of power in a short time: just what it takes to restart your car’s engine.

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Ideal on any recent car

A car starter booster is ideal on a new vehicle with lithium battery. If your car is rather recent, prefer this method to that of crocodile clips.

In fact, on a recent vehicle, crocodile clamps may cause an electric overload . Overload can grill some electronic components only present on recent cars. This operation can even grill the wired electronic components of the car that troubleshoot you. So be vigilant and opt for a starter booster or battery booster if you are driving a recent vehicle.

In what cases use a startup booster

A boot booster is very easy to use. This device has an important nuance, however: it allows the start of the car, but will not charge your battery. Once the engine is revived thanks to the battery booster, it is your vehicle’salternator that takes over. As soon as you drive, the battery starts charging again.

How to use your battery booster

To use your battery booster, here are the steps:

  • Turn off the contact and all electrical components (radio, headlights, ventilation, etc.).
  • Plug the red clamp of the booster into the terminal (positive) of the battery of your car, and the black one on the — (negative terminal).
  • Turn on the booster: the battery can be charged in minutes.
  • Try the startup. In case of failure, wait and try again.
  • After restarting, first disconnect the black clamp , then the red one.

Good to know: a starter booster is a stand-alone device, which is not connected to a power source or outlet. You can use it wherever and whenever you want . A battery booster saves you from the use of crocodile clips and some disappoints on electronics.

Tip : After using a boot booster, it is advisable to run atleast one hour on thefast lane to maximize the reloading process. You will then need to be vigilant and take the time to actually charge your battery on slow charging.

Battery boosters are easily found on Amazon-like e-commerce sites, in delivery. Do not confuse with a charger ofbattery.