Big Data definition: what is it?

What about Big Data? This term comes straight to us from the United States and refers to big data, that is, all the digital data and information emanating from the use of new technologies. Big data, basically, it’s huge, complex and vast. We explain everything big data brings together.

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  • Big Data, big data… who, what, where?
    • The Three V and Big Data
  • How are Big Data stored?
  • Big Data Operations and Analytics

Big data, big data… who, what, where?

All the data generated by the use of new technologies, be it personal or professional data, are part of these famous Big Data. Among the Big Data, we can easily find:

  • Emails;
  • The documents
  • ; History of business processerus;
  • Databases (sensors and web/sounds, video, images, texts);
  • Transactions (e-commerce);
  • Exchanges on all social networks;
  • Data circulating through connected objects;
  • Geolocation data from any application, etc.

The Three V and Big Data

It was in 2001 that an analyst described Big Data Life the prism of the 3 V: volume, variety, velocity, to which some add the veracity(credibility), a real weakness of Big Data today. These data, globally, represent a mountain and a volume of data that is growing every day. Think about it : with each registration on a site, big data is increased.

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Volume intensifies every second, the variety of data evolves (raw, unstructured or semi-structured). As for the velocity of the data, it means that this data or big data is analyzed in real time .

How are Big Data stored?

As big data evolved, storage systems have had to adapt to large volumes. Not only is this data stored on high-capacity servers, but it is also processed and analyzed . The arrival of new data is generally concomitant with the disappearance of other data.

Today, cloud computing technology allows another type of virtual storage. The volumes of data processed on big data are expressed in petabytes or zettabytes. We are in 2020 and as an example, the volume of data produced worldwide is expected to reach 40 zettabytes .

Big Data Operations and Analytics

In today’s world, the exploitation of big data and information is controversial. The arrival in 2019 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been able to frame big data and the systematic exploitation and analysis carried out by various companies, especially in marketing.

Science has also taken advantage of Big Data to open up new perspectives for study and analysis , in politics, communication, research, medicine, meteorology, ecology, finance or trade.

Researchers, companies and administrations are now looking to analyze trends or predict and anticipate risks thanks to Big Data, an impressive breakthrough in a few years. Big data accounts for billions and billions of dollars , given their potential. A case to follow on the analysis of information and big data in marketing, in a century in full use.