Being a Nanny at Home: Definition and Approaches

Are you planning to become a nanny at home and take care of children several days a week, depending on the needs of parents? How to be a parenting assistant or nanny, directly at the parents’ home? All the answers to your questions are in this article.

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  • nanny or parenting assistant: what is it?
    • No accreditation or diploma?
  • Being a nanny at home: your
    • missions Expected skills
    • Know-being, pedagogy, pragmatism
  • “Professional nanny at home”:
    • a demanding profession A diploma or training to be a parenting assistant or nanny at home
  • Nanny: the conversion Professional
    • Giving All Opportunities

Nanny at home or parental assistant: what is it ?

The nanny at home is a person who, in general, is actually a parental assistant. The nanny at home is not a maternal assistant, and has not received the same training, yet it is very beneficial to children, nanny and parents .

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Many women decide to jump and become a nanny at home. This choice implies that one accepts work that will happen at the parents’ home , with the child or children to be kept. Also known as a nanny or nanny, the nanny at home cannot offer the same services as a maternal assistant, since she has no accreditation.

No accreditation or diploma?

The work of a nanny at home should not be confused with the work of a maternal assistant. If the kindergarten assistant is accredited (she has a legal accreditation ), the nanny at home or parental assistant does not possess them.

The kindergarten assistant can keep up to 4 children at home. The nanny at home is generally employed and employed in the personal service .

That said, as a parenting assistant, you can practice without a diploma, although it is strongly advisable to train to care for children.

Being a nanny at home: your missions

Many home nannies or parenting assistants are trained “on the job” and offer their services based on their skills as a parent.

It is important to know that one does not care for the children of other parents in the same way as one’s own. It is therefore important to receive training if possible in order to be informed of the practices, current methods, tricks, tips and regulations in terms of child care.

A parenting assistant or nanny at home keeps the children and ensures their safety and well-being on all levels.

Expected Skills

Parents who entrust their children to a parenting assistant have a minimum of requirements in terms of missions and services. Trust is important, and it is essentially based on skills, know-how, know-how, know-how, know-how to live, training and experiences.

Being a nanny at home therefore implies many skills: one cannot improvise oneselfesty parenting overnight. Indeed, certain requirements of parents regarding the upbringing of their children must be respected and taken into account.

Among the skills and abilities expected by parents for safety of their child, you will find fundamental foundations. Among other things, responsibility, autonomy, enthusiasm, dynamism, resistance to stress, patience and organization .

Know-being, pedagogy, pragmatism

Know-being and pedagogy are also expected skills. Demonstrating pedagogy is paramount, and it is one thing that can be acquired in training.

As for the know-how, it must be different from the one you follow with your own children. A child has needs that must be respected, also in accordance with the requirements of the parents.

Homework aids are important, and some parents may ask you to take care of their children and mentor them on this. You may also be asked to pick up the children at the exit of their school and accompany for their activities.

“ Professional nanny at home”: a demanding profession

Before calling a professional home nanny and practicing a demanding profession, it is important to agree to start training. You will be on the page, parents will be reassured , and the children will benefit from your initiative.

Apart from professional experiences, do not hesitate to inquire about a diploma or training that will allow you to access a panel of useful bases for your profession . Occupational child care is not to be taken lightly, in terms of responsibility.

Diploma or training to be a parenting assistant or nanny at home

To become a nanny at home, you have the choice to pass several types of certifications that will be a bonus to exercise your profession. Because the profession of nanny at home is actually the profession of parenting assistant , it falls into the category of personal services.

For this reason, the necessary training is essentially centered around personal service. A Bac pro ASSP (Support, care and personal services) can be useful, or a Bac pro SAPAT (Services to people and territories).

Passing an early childhood CAP or a health and social BEP can also be considered. Finally, you have the famous contest of auxiliary childcare, open to all.

Nanny: professional retraining

If you are retraining, do not panic, training is also possible, especially thanks to your personal training account (CPF) .

Your CPF you allows you to follow continuous training. You can also start offering your services by babysitting , watching nurseries or day care centres.

If you are retraining, anticipate: the driver’s license may be required to take care of children, depending on your place of work (home) and the place of activities of the children.

Giving yourself all the chances

Now that you know all about the profession of a nanny at home, all you have to do is make your choice. Opting for training will open doors for you and give you credibility. Parents are looking for a serious person for their children: just answer a request!

As a nanny at home, you will actually have far fewer obligations to fulfill than a kindergarten assistant, but be aware that the amounts of social assistance are not at allequivalent.