At what degree of temperature does the thermostat of an oven correspond?

Are you about to put a delicious meal in the oven, but you want to know the exact temperature of your oven and the equivalence with your thermostat?

No worries, this video will give you the temperature equivalences of your oven for a thermostat setting to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…

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Temperatures are expressed in degrees Celsius

  • Thermostat 1 equals a temperature of 30° degrees
  • Thermostat 2 is equal to a temperature of 60° degrees
  • Thermostat 3 equals a temperature of 90° degrees
  • Thermostat 4 equals a temperature of 120° degrees
  • Thermostat 5 equals a temperature of 150° degrees
  • Thermostat 6 is equal to a temperature of 180° degrees
  • Thermostat 7 is equivalent at a temperature of 210° degrees
  • Thermostat 8 is equivalent to a temperature of 240° degrees
  • Thermostat 9 equals 270° degrees
  • Thermostat 10 equals a temperature of 300° degrees

If you read correctly, simply multiply the value of your thermostat by 30, and yes it’s as simple 🙂

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In what case can one need to know the temperature in degrees of a position of its thermostat?

  • You cook a dish that requires perfect cooking
  • You found an excellent recipe on the Internet, but the lack of luck temperatures are expressed, not in the degree but in the marker. So you need this conversion table.
  • Inscriptions on your oven have been deleted
  • You’ve always wondered what the thermostat 5.6 7 means, and you want to know everything about good cooking temperatures in the oven.
  • Another possibility, the recipe you want to make is given with these indications:

▪ Hot oven cooking = In this situation, we put thermostat 1 (i.e. 30 °C) ▪ Baking in a soft oven = In this case, you choose the thermostat 2 to 4 (i.e. between 60°C and 120°C) ▪ Medium baking = In this case, the thermostat button is set on 5 or 6 (i.e. 150°C to 180°C) ▪ Cooking in the hot oven = The thermostat is set to 7 mark of the thermostat to 8 (210°C) ▪ Baking in very hot oven = In this case, we put the (i.e. 240°C)

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