Astrological sign Aquarius (character, personality, compatibility)

Are you interested in the horoscope and all the astrological signs? Are you Aquarius or you know a person of the astrological sign of Aquarius? Do you want to know more about this enigmatic sign of the zodiac, determined by your date of birth? Woman or man, follow our Astro Aquarius Guide and discover the specificities of this sign: character, personality, compatibility.

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  • Aquarius Aquarius
    • Aquarius in a few words
    • The personality of Aquarius
      • Idealism and modesty
      • A person who needs to be useful
  • Aquarius and love
    • Friendship in love and creativity
  • Being Aquarius Today

    • Evolving in the right direction
    • Compatibility of Aquarius with other astrological signs

Features of Aquarius

Aquarius is the zodiac astrological sign that extends from January 20 to February 18. Aquarius is the second sign of winter. This is a fixed male sign, a sign of air . The astrological sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

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In mythology, the astrological sign of Aquarius refers to the myth of Ganymede, a Trojan whose god Zeus, god of the gods, falls in love with.

Aquarius in a few words

Here are in a few words the terms that best define the person, man or woman, who is of the astrological sign of Aquarius:

Modernity, friendship, freedom, brotherhood. The astrological sign of Aquarius is also, in the horoscope and in the zodiac, the sign that approaches originality, ideals, science, avant-garde. To a lesser extent, Aquarius is also attached to astronomy, astrology, airwaves, electricity, cinema, new technologies and modern means of transportation.

Aquarius is also driven by the desire to promote equal access to knowledge. In fact, Aquarius has a natural tendency to question established orders, including hierarchy. It is a strong astrological sign that can go towards revolution or anarchy.

The personality of Aquarius

The person of the astrological sign Aquarius, in the zodiac known in the West, is associated with individuality. He is also heavily imbued with altruism and humanism . The people of the Astrological Sign of Aquarius are people who possess an auxiliary form of intelligence that push them to want to develop their originality.

Combative and hardworking women , people of astrological sign Aquarius will be very invested in their role and mission. Having a bubbling mind, Aquarius sometimes finds it difficult to follow all its abundant ideas itself and to implement them methodically.

With a very developed social sense, Aquarius can invest in all sorts of projects that will participate in its vision of the world. Aquarius seeks to change society , mentalities and may face over the course of his life with settled, traditional and conservative ideas.

Idealism and modesty

Aquarius is a great idealist who is not going to stall his thoughts. He lives in his world , which can cause him socially speaking harm. If he chooses the path of personal liberation in front of his comfort zone, Aquarius will be a being who will satisfy his passions and give birth to his best ideas!

Sometimes his idealism can lock Aquarius: he then lives in his thoughts at 100 per hour, voluntarily ignoring his emotions. Yet his emotions often lead him to his truth. It is by confronting its feelings that Aquarius will be able to fully flourish.

Aquarius has a while that can harm him: it will tend to judge, dreaming of a better world. “Sheep, people who do not understand…” Aquarius must be careful to leave its place for everyone . If ideally he knows that the abolition of certain privileges would be better for society, he spreads truths that may come closer to pride.

In terms of spiritual evolution, in particular, once Aquarius is awake in its nature, it will tend to mix everything and to judge… being convinced that he no longer judge! Personal development takes an important part in the life of a person astrological sign Aquarius.

A person who needs to make himself useful

Aquarius needs to be loved and make itself useful , otherwise it stretches. Attention: if he cuts himself from his emotions and feelings while he has a great intuition, Aquarius will cross his life blindly, being convinced of his right to “make people evolve” in its sense. It is a little too much like a model and this is the great defect of Aquarius.

The male or female person of the sign of Aquarius is relatively difficult to identify . This is partly due to the fact that Aquarius seems to live in a parallel world. He is focusing on his environment and often needs to step back to enter the global image. Self-determined, Aquarius thinks they have understood the world and can assenate (pseudo) “truths” that embarrass his peers.

Always advocating the evolution of systems, he will seek to participate and make himself useful in change, whether at the individual or collective level . However, this may lead him to be labelled as an authoritarian person in his vision of things. Ready for anything for its fights, Aquarius will not necessarily be able to hear the message.

Aquarius and love

In love, the sign of Aquarius is a great lover of freedom . He is attached to it as we hold to the apple of his eyes! This can make him make decisions to regain his freedom and stop feeling locked in love. Nothing holds him back: once it’s over, Aquarius advances. It destroys preconceptions, wants to evolve, experiment more freedom.

Aquarius will gladly go to cultivated, creative, understanding and empathetic partners . Yes, the native of Aquarius needs to know himself with a person he will judge intelligent, without jealousy and without fear of abandonment.

This freedom and the autonomy of his or her partner will allow Aquarius to reserve real moments for itself. In terms of materiality, Aquarius will never be as happy as when he has the feeling of being free in his couple. Independent financially, Aquarius will flourish. It can also flourish in a couple whose partner manages the financial and material aspect.

Love friendship and creativity

Great creative, Aquarius is wary of passions and will always go towards friendships that can turn into love. This is an astrological sign that will follow for this his intuition and would like to defy taboos, prejudices and social conventions of any kind.

Aquarius will prefer the freedom of Pacs to the bonds of marriage, just to prove itself something and implement its modern and avant-garde ideals. Sometimes extravagant in the couple, Aquarius is afaithful and helpful artenary , fraternal, inventive, tolerant and sympathetic. His greatest step will be to forget that his independence can be perceived as selfishness or as a great clumsiness.

Aquarius will challenge all conventions and will be the first to assert homosexuality or desires to do the things agreed differently .

Being Aquarius Today

In altruistic theory, Aquarius is in practice rather proud or intolerant. Working on his crosses will allow him to free himself from his own carcans.

The most obvious drift of Aquarius will be to fall exactly into the image of the one he fights most: the bourgeois gangrené of judgments! Paradoxical, for an astrological sign lined with multiple intelligences. If Aquarius fails to achieve its ideals, it may tend to marginalize itself. Aquarius can thus make cohabit in his life all possible and imaginable antagonisms , making it an endearing, but somewhat annoying being…

Evolving in the right direction

If it does not try to change things, Aquarius becomes sour and asocial and will eventually stop questioning itself. An assumed Aquarius can make a personality full of imagination , ideas and sweetness. An unreleased Aquarius can be quite harmful to his peers so it stays camped on his upper positions and stopped. In society, in love, friendship or family, Aquarius certainly does not go unnoticed.

When confronted with social, romantic, family or friendly relationships that push him a little more towards humility, Aquarius will be able to find a balance in each of these areas of life. Cultivated and understanding, the native of the astrological sign of Aquarius will drop his own tyranny in favor of profound altruism , with the years and maturity.

In order to give the best of itself, Aquarius will indeed have to follow the path of personal development, while not forgetting to keep a foot in reality . Following her creative dreams will make Aquarius a balanced and fulfilled personality. Aquarius’s partner will have to accept the desire for freedom coupled with the need to be loved and make himself useful.

If he becomes a parent, Aquarius is devoted and will make every effort to give the best of its astrological sign, in transmission.

Compatibility of Aquarius with other astrological signs

Astrological signs in affinity with Aquarius: Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini .

Astrological signs that pose problems for Aquarius: Taurus, Scorpio.

The complementary sign of Aquarius:Leo .